In September, 2006, the Department of Education introduced the new Futures in Skilled Trades and Technology program. Courses are being piloted in 37 schools throughout Newfoundland and Labrador, with the intent to have seven new courses in all high schools by 2010.

All indicators show that a career skilled trades is a tremendous choice for students who are now considering their post-secondary options. This Futures in Skilled Trades and Technology program is designed to introduce young people to the principles and potential in a career in the skilled trades field.

Futures in Skilled Trades and Technology FAQ's

Q: Who is this program for? Are courses included in the program designed for all high school students?

A: Yes. The program is being designed to appeal to both female and male students with a wide range of academic ability. It will provide a solid foundation of knowledge and hands-on experience for students with a particular interest in skilled trades and technology.

Q. Can girls do this these courses?

A. Absolutely! These courses were designed to appeal to both male and female. Already, many schools are reporting a high percentage of females registered.

Q: What skilled trades will be covered?

A: Areas such as carpentry, plumbing, electrical and small engine repair (mechanics), and engineering technology will be the primary trades covered. These areas are designated as apprenticeable trades and students will gain insight into apprenticeship program opportunities.

Q. Is this a required course for graduation like math or English?

A. No. All skilled trades courses are electives, although they do fulfill requirements in the "Other required credits" category.

Q. What courses are being offered this year and may be offered next year at my school?

A. In 2008/2009, two courses are being offered in schools across the province: Skilled Trades 1201 & Design and Fabrication 1202. For more detailed information on these courses and others, click here.

Q. What other courses are planned?

A. Other courses include Residential Construction 2201, Design and Fabrication 2202, Energy and Power 3201 and Electronic Systems Technology 3205. More detailed information is available here.

Q. Are these course available/will they be available via CDLI?

A. The hands-on nature of these courses makes is very difficult to offer through distance learning. At this time one course, Design and Fabrication 2212 is in pilot being offered through CDLI.

Q. Can any of these courses or time spent learning be applied to a post-secondary apprenticeship program?

A. Not at this time. Although these are introductory courses that provide a solid foundation for students choosing to pursuer a career in the skilled trades, they currently cannot be applied against post-secondary training.