Interested in the trades?

Wonder if it could be right for you?

Jump start your life...

...get involved with a skilled trades course in your school.

Carpenter, plumber, electrician, drywall and plasterer, painter decorator and mason
are just some of the trades that you can explore in the Futures in Skilled Trades and Technology program.

Work with cutting edge industrial equipment, create projects to enhance your school and your community, work in teams and mimic what is happening in the real world. Futures in Skilled Trades and Technology will be coming to a school near you...ask your guidance councilor and jump start your working life.

  • Skilled Trades 1201 (in schools fall of 2008)
  • Design and Fabrication 1202 (in schools fall of 2008)
  • Residential Construction Technology 2201 (proposed fall 2009)
  • Design and Fabrication 2202 (proposed fall 2009)
  • Energy and Power 3201 (proposed fall 2010)
  • Robotics Manufacturing Technology 3202 (proposed fall 2010)
  • Electronics Systems Technology 3205 (proposed fall 2010)